People Also Ask - FAQ's


A. SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of ranking a website on any search engine, from Google to Bing. The process is usually extensive and involves aligning a website with the standards set forth by the search engine.

A. Yes. It’s important for all businesses to implement an SEO strategy. Most consumers use the internet to find a business. Having a website that shows up on a major search engine is a great way to reach new customers for your business.

A. Search engines implement algorithms that are based on machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). These complex scientific and mathematical algorithms rank websites based on its quality. SEO works by modeling a website after the quality standards set forth by an algorithm.

A. SEO keywords are search terms people use to browse for online products, look up information, and find a business.

A. SEO and SEM both provide an invaluable benefit to any business. SEO is more of an organic process, while SEM requires advertisers to set up a budget and pay for leads and visibility.

Google Adwords

A. Google Adwords is a platform that advertisers use to create ads that showcase their best products and services. Ads created on this platform are presented on Google.

A. With SEO, you’ll need to put in the effort into a comprehensive campaign and wait for results. With Google Adwords, you can simply pay for ads that will show up at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs).

A. Yes. Google Adwords is cost-effective when you typically hire a qualified agency to do all the work.

A. A Google Adwords campaign is a set of tasks that are performed in order to accomplish a strategy.

A. Yes. When you hire an agency to handle your Google Adwords campaign, you can be certain that your campaign is in the hands of trusted professionals. Besides, Google ads will charge you every time they’re clicked on. When you refuse to hire an agency, you can risk paying for ads that aren’t performing up to your standards.

Facebook Ads

A. Facebook ads are advertisements that are created using the platform’s native advertising tool.

A. Yes. Facebook ads are highly sought after by millions of businesses in the world. Purchasing an ad is a great way to position your business in front of millions of potential customers.

A. Facebook and Google ads both provide an invaluable benefit to all kinds of businesses. There is no clear winner between the two types of ads.

A. Usually, carousel ads perform the best on Facebook because it can showcase multiple offers simultaneously.

A. Yes. By partnering with a Facebook advertising agency you can produce a campaign that will generate high ROI for your business.

Website Design

A. Yes. Every business needs a website to capture possible customers from major search engines like Google and Bing.

A. Yes. It requires a special expertise to build a beautiful website that will rank well on Google and Bing.

A. Most consumers use search engines to find a small business. This makes it important for all small businesses to have a website that ranks well online.

A. A website can attract new leads to your business and open up sales and revenue opportunities you can profit from.

A. Yes. You can earn money from your website by selling space on your site to advertisers and hosting a blog.